Around the Farm

Around the Farm

It's all hands on deck come spring.  Between calving and planting, it's a busy time at Heiden Century Farms.  We are nearly midway through calving.  It's wonderful seeing the calves and cows on greening pastures.  Daily checks through the pasture are made, while keeping a watchful eye on the expectant cows waiting to calve.  

Planting began late last week, bearing some minor snags.  It's like getting the kinks out before the long stretch.  We all like to pitch in and help it get underway.  It's always exciting to kick off another growing season! 

Soil sampling and tillage was done prior to planting and there was a water way reconstruction project in one of the fields.  Oats have been seeded and before we know it, we'll be cutting hay.

Cheers to Beef Month, too!  As long time producers of beef, and for the past 6 or so years of selling our beef direct to consumers, we thank you for trusting in our beef and we are grateful for being your source.  Taste the difference, from the ground up. 

We love to share our story, so don't hesitate to reach out with questions!  


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