The dedication and perseverance of the previous six generations has allowed us to carry on the legacy of the family farm.  Today, we, Tony & Jessica Heiden, our four children and Tony's parents, Kerry & Faye, see to the operations of the farm.  

From crops to cattle, we focus on corn and hay and our herd of black angus cows and calves.  By continually seeking knowledge and keeping up with advancements in precision ag, we have made improvements in soil health and plant health and we can be more efficient in our operation while improving our crops.  

Born on our farms, our black angus cattle are raised, without the use of implanted hormones, on pasture and finished on hay and corn we grow.  Completing the circle, our dry aged angus beef hand is cut at a local USDA inspected facility, resulting in tender cuts with beautiful marbling and a flavor that can't be matched.

With three generations working side by side on a daily basis, we stand behind our farming practices and products. Want to learn more? Reach out and we'd be happy to visit!

Thanks for your interest,
Tony & Jessica

Heiden Century Farm Collage