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Bavette Steak: Prepared on gas grill and sliced.

Featuring: Bavette

Also known as the Sirloin Flap, the Bavette comes from the bottom sirloin, as does the Tri-Tip, another favorite of ours! The Bavette is amazing on the grill and is reminiscient of the flank. It's cattlewomen approved, so plan accordingly if you're serving it up after a hard day's work!

Stock up on Beef

Accepting quarter and half custom beef orders for our spring processing dates.

An economical way to stock your freezer with guaranteed goodness. Premium angus, locally raised. Marbled for maximum flavor.

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Rochester to Winona & Surrounding Areas

Local delivery from Rochester, MN to Winona, MN and surrounding areas. If your zip code doesn’t register as local delivery, message us! Depending on time of year, we can ship to additional states.

I’m very very picky about my hotdogs. I travel 45 min both ways to buy the ones I like. Noooo one in the Winona area even come close until now. Hart Country Meats (skinless hotdogs) are so good and they deliver so yay.

Terry K. 2/22

“Delicious meat!! We got 1/4 cow in February and have loved every package. Highly recommend!!”

Tina M. 4/21

From Rushford, MN to Tucson, AZ. Everything was still frozen and perfect! Thanks Hart Country Meats!

Clint M. 1/22

“First time making prime rib and it did not turn out turned out amazing!”

Chad J. 1/21

“Insanely good!”

Mike T. 6/21

Highly recommend. Our beef from you guys is so good!

Alicia E.

Had Hart Country Meats for supper (like usual) and you can’t go wrong! Just thought I would do you all a favor and let you know where the best comes from!

Shauma M.

Best burgers ever!

Shelly E.

Taste the Difference : Better Meat From The Ground Up

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