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Featuring: Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the unsung heros of beef. While there’s only one flank steak per side of beef, it’s a cut you don’t want to send to trim if you order a quarter or half beef from HCM. (Granted, if you do, we have them on hand at the store!). Super when marinaded, delicious turned into a pinwheel, the flank steak is versatile and should not be over looked!

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Stock up on Beef

Accepting quarter and half custom beef orders for our late November & late December processing dates.

An economical way to stock your freezer with guaranteed goodness. Premium angus, locally raised. Marbled for maximum flavor.

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Rochester to Winona & Surrounding Areas

Local delivery from Rochester, MN to Winona, MN and surrounding areas. If your zip code doesn’t register as local delivery, message us! Depending on time of year, we can ship to additional states.

“Delicious meat!! We got 1/4 cow in February and have loved every package. Highly recommend!!”

Tina M.

“First time making prime rib and it did not turn out turned out amazing!”

Chad J.

“Everything arrived frozen, just as it should. Quality of the meat was exceptional!”

Daniel M.

We love our beef from you! ❤️

Tina M.

Highly recommend. Our beef from you guys is so good!

Alicia E.

Taste the Difference : Better Meat From The Ground Up