Beef Quarters & Halves available for monthly processing.  We’re currently scheduling our fall freezer beef.   

All natural Angus.  Raised on our family’s farms for your family’s table.  Fed a diet of grass, hay and finished on supplement of corn for beautiful, delicious marbling.  All grown on our farms, too!  

A freezer full of locally raised, quality meat is convenient and reassuring there is always something for supper!  

Hart Country Meats processes beef regularly throughout the year and pork on occasion.  Custom beef is available by the quarter, half and whole.  Pork is available by the half and whole.  Each are priced according to hanging weight, that is provided to us by our butcher.  Generally, a deposit is made ahead of time, and the remaining balance is then figured and paid prior to pickup.  

The processing is paid for by the customer, directly to the processors at time of pickup.  We utilize Dover Processing in Dover, MN.  They are federally inspected and all products are vacuumed sealed in plastic and are frozen upon pickup.  

If interested in either, contact Hart Country by filling out the form below, email or call 507.951.1643.   We can provide details as in what to expect with each quarter, half or whole beef or hog, as well as approximate costs.

Hart Country also processes lamb on occasion.  Half and whole lamb are also available as appointments allow.  

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