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Beef Deposit | Quarter Beef

Beef Deposit | Quarter Beef

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A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is required. 

This deposit secures your spot for 1/4 beef butchered in fall, 2024. The deposit will be applied to the final payment.  Final Payment is due on or before pickup at processors.

Current Price is: $3.75/lb on the hanging weight

Hanging weight of quarter beef is usually between 180-200lbs

Cost of Beef

Current price x hanging weight + processing (appx $1/lb) = Total Cost

Shipping/delivery may be available at additional costs. Inquire with Jessica at 507.951.1643

Take Home Product Weight

Packaged take home weight on a quarter of beef is approximately 100 pounds, depending on your cutting order. 

What to Expect from a 1/4 Beef, approximately (Standard Cuts)

6-8 Ribeye Steaks

5 T-Bones

3-4 Sirloin Steaks

One 4-5lb Brisket

3-4lb Roasts
   2 Arm Roasts
   1 Boneless Rump Roast
   1 Sirloin Tip Roast

2-3 Pkgs Short Ribs

2-3 Pkgs Soup Bones

40-60lbs Ground Beef

Aged approximately 14 days.  

Cutting Instructions

Not sure how to order? Dover Processing will go through their standard cut order with you.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.   Any cut not desired will go into your ground beef.  


I paid my deposit.  What's next?
We will contact you with a processing date.  Once cattle have been taken in, we will send an invoice to the email address on your account for the amount owed, minus the deposit.  

Who does your processing?
We utilize Dover Processing in Dover, MN.  They are a USDA inspected facility and are locally owned and operated.  Dover Processing will contact you for your cut order and also notify you when your beef is ready to be picked up. 
Dover Processing
481 S. Main Street
Dover, MN 

What type of packaging is used? 
The processor will vacuum pack and freeze all packages of beef. Ground beef is packed in 1lb, 1.5lb or 2lb chubs. It will last in your freezer for up to two years or more without freezer burning, unless the seal gets broken.

What do I need to bring at time of pick up? 
Processing fees will be paid for at time of pickup.  Be sure to bring along boxes, totes or coolers to pack your beef in at pick up.  

Care Instructions

Perishable. Frozen upon pickup.

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