Two friends and farmwives, both raising angus cattle on their family farms, teamed up and Hart Country Meats was born.  We are passionate about keeping local beef, local.  

Our Angus beef is raised without added hormones and antibiotics, graze on a diet of pasture grass, hay and finished with a limited supply of corn to develop a delicious marbling.  

Hart Country Meats is based out of the small community of Hart, MN, just south of Winona and covers Rochester to Winona, from residential to wholesale, by the cut, by the bundle or monthly subscription box.  We take pride in our thick cut, tender steaks.  Additional cuts are available to round out the menu.  

Find our line of specialty convenience options in local retailers and in our online store.  They are great as snacks or part of a healthy, protein packed meal on the go.  

For more information, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.  Thank you for your interest in Hart Country Meats.