Can you taste the difference?

Can you taste the difference?

This time of year, the flowers are blooming and the bees are all abuzz, from one flower to the next, collecting nectar for the hive.  When visiting farmers markets and grocery stores alike, you'll notice depending on what  specific plants bees  feed on make honey with truly unique flavor profiles.

Watching bees buzz around in my flower beds, it made me think about beef and it's flavor profiles.  Talking to relatives in other regions, beef in their neck of the woods tastes different.  We always go back to the old adage...You are what you eat.  Bees produce honey with regional flavors depending on what flowers grow in that region.  

Cattle produce beef that tastes different depending on their environment, too.  The grasses that they graze upon are made of different mixes.  If they're grain finished, like our cattle, the grain is another mix in the flavor profile.  

Let's take it one step further.  The corn's flavor profile can also change due to its environment and growing conditions.  When that corn crop is monitored and given all that it needs to produce to it's highest potential, then ground into feed and given to our cattle, their final product is ultimately enhanced, too. 

Of course, unlike honey, there is nothing on the label mentioning the undertones of sweet Minnesota hay or well-balanced corn.   When you see Hart Country on the label, you'll surly know that the flavor is superior and the tenderness is second to none.  

At Hart Country, there's a difference you can taste and it comes from the ground up!  

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