The Story of Our Beef...From the Ground Up

The Story of Our Beef...From the Ground Up

I always say, “Beef isn't just beef."  Yes, beef is technically all the same in that it is meat that is derived from a bovine, but that's like saying “beer is beer”.   What would you prefer…a can of Busch Light, a bottle of Leinenkugel’s or how about a tap of (fill in the blank with a local brew)?  Granted, I'm more of a whisky kind of person, but I do know that there are differences between all three!
The old adage "You are what you eat" can also be applied to cattle.  Every farm and ranch across the United States that raises cattle can choose to feed their herds however they best see fit.  That makes sense, right?  Just like we are responsible for deciding what we eat and what our children eat.  There are feed nutritionists, just like dietitians for people, who are around to help farmers and ranchers develop a ration that best fits their herd of cattle.  The ultimate goal of every farmer and rancher is to raise healthy cattle who thrive in the environment in which they live.  In a nutshell!  
At our farm, we believe that delicious beef starts at the ground level.  In the dirt, and it continues from there.  Next week, we'll dive in and really get into the dirt of it!  
Follow along with us as we tell the story about our beef, from the ground up.  Each week we will share about how we grow our crops, the technology behind it, the years of education and of course, share about our herd and our cow-calf operation.  If you're not already, be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter, where you'll find out when blog posts are up, hear first on sales, new products and find out what's happening around our farm.  
Thanks for listening and have a delicious day!
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